2031 Nebraska Rd, Iola, KS 66749  MAP
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Map & Directions


map Directions from Iola, Kansas:

Proceed east on 54 highway past mile marker 336. Get in right hand lane.

You will pass a sign that says, "45 MPH zone ahead." Start to slow down.

You will come upon a sign that says, "45 MPH." Above that sign it says, "Gas city limits."

This road is road 2000. Turn south (right) and go one mile.

At the stop sign turn east (left).

Model T Haven is the second house on the right. 

New Parts for Model T's

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Note: There will be a 15% restocking fee on all items paid for and then returned.

Ball Socket
Battery Bracket and Box
Bendix Drive
Body and Frame Brackets
Books and Manuals
Brakes, (parking)
Brass Horn Parts
Bumpers and Parts
Car Covers
Carburetor Attachments
Carburetor Parts
Coils and Coil Boxes
Connecting Rod
Crank Case
Crank Case and Cylinder Valve Cover Parts
Cut Out, Electrical
Cylinder Parts
Dash Lights
Demountable Rim Hardware
Door, Window and Deck Lid Parts
Drive Shaft
Electric Head and Tail Light Parts
Electrical Wiring
Engine Pans
Engine Rebuilding
Exhaust, Intake Manifold
Fan Assembly
Fan Belts
Fender Brackets and Bolt Sets
Firewall and Brackets
Floorboards and Floor Mats
Frame and Cross Member
Front Axle
Front Spring and Parts
Gas Lamp Parts
Gas Tank
Gas Tank Parts
Gaskets and Seals
Hand Brake Assembly
Hood Shelves and Clips
Horns and Whistles
Hub Caps and Lug Nuts
Ignition Switch
Interior Trim Kits
Lever and Control Rod Assembly
License Plate Brackets
Magneto and Flywheel
Misc. USED items of Interest
Muffler and Exhaust Pipe
Nuts, Bolts and Rivets
Oil Lamps Parts
Oil Lamps Brackets
Patent and Data Plates
Pedals and Control Shafts
Piston and Ring Sets
Radius Rod, Front, (wishbone)
Radius Rod, Rear
Rear Axle
Rear Spring and Parts
Ruckstell Rear Axle
Seat Springs
Sheet Metal, NEW
Sheet Metal, USED
Side Curtains
Spare Tire Carrier
Spark Plugs
Starter Motor
Starting Crank Parts
Starting Switch
Steering Gear Case and Tubing
Steering Post Bracket Assembly
Step Plates
Tail Light Brackets
Tires, 21"
Tires, 30"
Tubes, all sizes
Rim Flaps (liners)
Valve Stem Dust Covers
Top Boots
Top Bow Irons and Wood Bows
Top Kits
Transmission Parts, NEW and USED
Transmission Band Assembly
Transmission Cover
Universal Joint
Upholstery Kits
Valves and Tapets
Water Pump, Motor Meters and Radiator Parts
Wheel Bearings
Windshield Braces, Top Straps and Top Parts
Windshield Frames
Windshield Glass Setting Channel
Windshield Parts
Wood Floor Boards
Wood Items
Wood & Wire Wheels and Hubs
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