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Note: There will be a 15% restocking fee on all items paid for and then returned.

New Parts Just Arrived. Please call for your needs.

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Set of headlights, side lights, and tail light.

$435 per light

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Model T Ford Open Bearing Spool $15 each Click for pics

Model T Ford High Heads 1918-1927 $45 Each Click for pics

Model NRS Ford Flywheel $100 Click for pics

New Old Stock Fenders $200 each Click for pics

Front Fender Irons $45 pair Click for pics

Hardware and frames to make an open car into a closed car. All oak. $200 Click for pics

Model T Rims $75 each Click for pics

Windshield Frames Call for your needs Click for pics

Model A Wheels - Model T Wheels - Call for Current Pricing Click for pics

Model A Garnish Moldings. Call for your needs. Click for pics
Thousands more parts available on request. Contact Model T Haven with your specific needs.

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